Make 5GHz great again with the RF Elements new Starter Series

RF Elements’ focus is on fundamental innovation with their technology offering enabling tremendous spectrum efficiency by solving the number one problem faced by wireless networks, RF noise. As a responsible vendor, their mission is to support the entire industry, not just a select few. 

This is where the new Starter Series comes into play. By offering the same noise rejection and interference mitigation technology as with the TwitstPort series, but at a price point perfect for Wireless operators wanting to start out with RF Elements. 

The Starter Series from RF Elements are comprised of the following product offerings:

  • StarterDish: The StarterDish are available in 21, 24 and 27dBi gain and are compatible with the StarterAdapter that comes with 2 RP-SMA (female connectors).  Alternatively, the StarterDish also supports standard waveguide connection on radios like MIMOSA’s C5X and Ubiquiti’s PrismStation.
  • StarterHorn: The StarterHorn is an 18dBi gain symmetrical horn antenna with a 30-degree beamwidth also with RP-SMA connectors. This makes it perfect for an access point in noisy, high interference environments. 

The RF Elements StarterSeries is available from Hudaco Kenya and means that as a Wireless Operator, you can scale your wireless solutions quickly and effectively while mitigating interference and providing for a better end-user experience without breaking the bank. 

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