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Burglary cases have continued to rise among communities, Despite this, many people choose to either ignore home security or use DIY systems that are less sophisticated and more prone to failure than professional-grade systems. While these systems are unquestionably better for your solution, few can provide a truly comprehensive and secure solution.

With the introduction of the Ajax system, the security industry can enjoy security devices that have a sleek design, an easy user experience, and, of course, fantastic innovative products. Unlike DIY security systems, Ajax is a professional security solution that aims to provide all-in-one security.

Ajax has over 50 wireless and wired devices that can help you sleep better at night and keep your home safe - and that is not just because of its motion detectors. Ajax covers almost every aspect of home, office, store, or even entire manufacturing security, providing ultimate peace of mind, from break-in, fire, or flood detection.


Does Ajax support video surveillance?

You can connect any IP camera that supports the RTSP protocol to the Ajax security system. There are no brand or model restrictions, and the application can support up to ten cameras or streams. It provides users with the greatest amount of freedom when it comes to video surveillance equipment. Ezviz by Hikvision, Safire, Dahua, and Uniview are some of the brands that integrates with Ajax. Please see a guide on how to integrate Ajax with other security brands.

How do I monitor the Ajax security system?

The most convenient way to monitor is through the Ajax Security System app for iOS and Android. The app allows you to arm and disarm the system as well as monitor your devices (including information on signal status, battery level and temperature). Ajax Space Control, Keypad, and Keypad Plus is also used to control the system.

No fear to go wireless?

Jeweller employs Ajax Systems' same-named radio protocol for two-way communication over distances of up to 2000m, and with an average battery life of 5-7 year. Therefore, there is little to fear from making the switch to wireless security

What happens if the internet goes out?

Ajax continues to operate in offline mode in the same way that other professional security systems do: detectors monitor the situation and send data to the hub. The system's sirens will alert you if there is any danger.

Free Ajax System Training

 Our superior security solutions are dependable and simple to manage. We assist our customers at every stage of the process, providing consultations, training, technical support, and on-site assistance. Each customer or installer gains the necessary knowledge, skills, and certifications to competently install and maintain security solutions through our comprehensive training courses. Contact us today to schedule your Ajax system security training.