Experience supersonic speeds with Radwin’s NEO DUO base station

Tower space, cabling, power consumption, rental fees and subscriber costs are a few contributing factors that wireless operators need to consider when deploying last mile, PtMP solutions. High data capacity demand from consumers places tremendous strain not only on the network, but also on the financial viability of these solutions and hardware cost to performance ratio has never been this important. 

RADWIN's NEO DUO 5GHz access point offers dual carrier technology combined with their second generation independent beamforming antennas, all integrated into one form factor, not only reduces the overheads on tower space, but also increases the performance and connectivity experience for connected customers. By enabling frequency diversity per subscriber unit (SU), the RADWIN NEO can automatically inform the connected SU to switch to the alternative carrier without the user noticing a drop in connectivity. The RADWIN NEO DUO and compatible subscriber unit is the perfect solution for wireless ISPs wanting to deliver fibre-like connectivity at a very affordable price. 

Get in contact with us today - you'll be surprised at just how affordable the NEW RADWIN NEO range of wireless solutions are. 

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