ePMP™ 2000 Smart Antenna

Our partner Cambium networks have set standards high with their device ePMP™ 2000 Smart Antenna. This device from cambium, is reliable in high interference locations. It has features that make it perform efficiently and it  is available at Hudaco Kenya at a compelling price. Cambium's ePMP™ 2000 Smart Antenna will boost the wireless and telecommunications industry, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the Internet's contribution to economic growth is undeniable. The ePMP™ 2000 Smart Antenna is projected to be the next generation of Access Point, taking interference tolerance to a whole new level.

  The ePMP™ 2000 Smart Antenna from cambium has unique high technology that combines Intelligent and Smart Beamforming to deliver outstanding performance in the face of interference. The ePMP™ 2000 Smart Antenna System has a high performance because it is GPS synchronized Access Point radio with Intelligent Filtering; the Cambium Networks product comes with a high-performance Sector Antenna and an optional Smart Antenna.

    Intelligent Filtering improves both transmit and receive performance. Intelligent feature protects the network from off-channel interferers with a filter that dynamically moves around the channel on the transmit side. This component also protects Radio Frequency environments by reducing off-channel transmission noise.

   On the other Smart Beamforming drastically reduces the effects of on-channel interference. This enables the system to learn about each supported subscriber's locations and create a narrow beam towards the desired Subscriber Module while that radio is transmitting in the uplink (communication satellite). This reduces the gain per uplink for 'on-channel interferers' that send data from a different angle than the subscriber, increasing performance to an unprecedented level.


1. Better performance of Uplink and Downlink because this Networking device eliminates packet loss, the amount of TCP retransmission is significantly reduced. Other applications in this device also show substantial performance benefits.

2. Steady performance in high interference surroundings that is achieved by mitigating significant sources of interference, packet loss, retransmissions are minimized, keeping your network system running efficiently.

3. Removing Uplink interference because Smart Beamforming feature provides a significant performance improvement in strong co-channel uplink noise, increasing network performance.


  • Return on Investment

When deploying a network, as it develops over time, there is a need to redesign it with new equipment when subscribers reach a certain point; this will affect your return-on-investment plans. With Epmp, you will be able to build your network to last.

  • Reliable Performance

  This device is the industry-leading tolerance to withstand outside interference, a proven worldwide ePMP MAC scheduling algorithm, ePMP provides consistent performance and, Programmed Transmit Power Control to control self-interference no matter the number of subscribers connected.  To add on, when one subscriber is performing poorly, it doesn’t drag the rest down, thanks to Air Fairness.

  • Application Flexibility

  Configurable Quality of Service for voice, video, and data enables you to offer the services your subscribers want at the level of service they need. Combined with adaptable modes of configuration that let you support many combinations of bandwidth provision and latency, a network built on ePMP can handle any application.

  • Security

  Wireless networks are very insecure, but not for this product; with 128-bit AES encryption for all data transmitted across the wireless link, L2 and L3 firewall functionality, and secure management interfaces, ePMP won’t be the weak link in your security chain.

  • Consistency

  By combining highly reliable software, hardware, and protocols, ePMP is designed to provide the best service possible for your customers for the long term. Industrial design and industrial-grade components mean your network stays up.

     At Hudaco Kenya, we remain a leading value-added distributor in the wireless and networking industry covering the Sub-Saharan African region by partnering with great tech vendors like Cambium Networks. We are well stocked with wireless and telecommunications devices such as ePMP™ 2000 Smart Antenna to empower you to connect communities in Africa. We understand that you need the Cambium devices, but you might lack the resources to make an informed decision. At Hudaco Kenya, we will provide you with the necessary information you need.

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